AARNA Solutions is a Product development and Innovation Company
Brindavan Layout, Vignan Nagar, Bangalore-37



AARNA Kiosks produces innovative and reliable all-in-one kiosks, custom-built and tailored to best suit your business needs.

AARNA Kiosks offers a full array of kiosk solutions: your options range from relatively simple informational kiosks to full-service financial kiosks capable of completing ATM transactions, bill payment, wire transfers, and other various functions.

Our complete line-up of kiosk solutions includes ATMs, financial services kiosks, tele kiosk, photo kiosk, Restaurant kiosk, ticketing kiosks, print-on-demand kiosks, Healthcare kiosk, kiosk shelters, and any other type of custom solution designed upon request to fulfill specific business needs. The possibilities for customization of our systems are virtually limitless.

Our kiosks are entirely capable of combining all of the aforementioned services in one convenient kiosk. We sincerely believe that this all-in-one aspect of our products will provide you with the best kiosk available, and that the kiosk’s exceptional capability and specialized design will result in the greatest return on your investment possible. Our kiosks are a very economical way to assist your business with a surprisingly wide variety of functions – and a public kiosk provides you with the ability to do business round-the-clock. We are one of the leading designers and manufacturers of kiosks in Bangalore India